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Great new photos in "Our catch after I had a great day fishing Sydney Harbour. Includes Mackrel and Kingfish

1/02/04 (Writer)

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NSW Weather

I have just put up a new section listed NSW Weather. It's some of the best infomation I know that can be taken off the internet about the weather. Everything is there and its updated daily. So check it out.




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Do you Practice Catch and Release?
All the time I rarely keep fish (23)49%
Only if they are to small or dont taste good (21)45%
Only if fisheries officers are around (1)2%
I keep everything (2) 4%

Writers Column
Myself Jack and another friend Matt have just spent three days at the colo river. The intention was to fish for bass from the shore. Unfortunalty the river at the time was flooded and the water was murky and no matter what technique we tried nothing prevailed.
We walked to the river from the Bob Tuners track which took about an hour to walk down and just under two hours to hike out including stops. At the bottom of the track is a campsite where a maximum of about two tents could be pitch within a safe distance from the river. Right infront of the campsite is a swimming hole which is quite popular with many people. Also next to them is a set of small rapids which in a time of lower rain would be alot more rugged but the flooding river made this quite inactive. If you are planning on fishing the colo. Give me an email and I can give you any infomation and maps that you need
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